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Quality.  Accuracy.  Efficiency.

Fetal Ultrasound Screenings
Using AI

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Misdiagnosis rates for fetal malformations can reach over 50% in the US & EU 

Future of Obstetrics


BioticsAI is an AI-powered software that validates the completeness and quality of fetal anomaly screenings, localizes fetal vulnerabilities, and automates report generation. With our Clinical Intelligence Platform you can empower Obstetricians and put your patients first.

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Highest possible quality of care.

Every pregnant mother deserves patient-centric, precise, and comprehensive care. 

BioticsAI improves patient experiences by accurately identifying errors in fetal ultrasound screenings, localizing problematic anatomical views, identifying fetal anomalies, generating high-quality documentation, and providing real-time feedback to clinicians. 

Give time back to doctors.

With the global shortage of obstetrics professionals, a doctor's time and energy are more important now than ever before. 

We're taking our AI and creating product features that improve efficiency and productivity while reducing administrative doctor workload so doctors can spend valuable time where it matters most: with their patients.

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"With the high number of screenings we conduct on a daily basis, BioticsAI provides us with the tools we need to streamline our workflows efficiently and focus on our patients"


Dr. Nagwa Ibrahim
Live Scan Clinic

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