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A Clinical
Intelligence Platform

Use artificial intelligence to improve diagnostic precision and practice efficiency. 


Automate Adminstrative Tasks

Our platform improves efficiency and reduces doctor workload giving valuable time back to doctors and their patients.

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Automated reporting, image analysis, and task administration

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Save valuable time for Obsterics healthcare professionals

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BioticsAI offers a safe, user-friendly experience for doctors


Fully HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare solution

Easy Integration

Easily integrate with a wide range of PACS and medical imaging devices in minimal time

Seamless Onboarding

Whether you're an enterprise hospital or private practice, our solution is built to compliment any Obstetrics workflow 

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Join other clinics currently using BioticsAI to improve their prenatal care outcomes

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Tel: 925-247-4582

2875 Glascock Street

STE 109

Oakland, CA 94601


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