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A Look Back: BioticsAI's Dr. Hisham Elgammal receives "Best Paper Award" 


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In March of 2018, Dr. Hisham Elgammal's PhD project SonoCAD - a tool that leverages data science algorithms to provide differential diagnostics for over 250 prenatal abnormalities - was awarded the "Best Research Paper Award" at the 19th annual OB/GYN conference at Cairo University. Dr. Elgammal along with co-authors  Professor Mahmoud Abdel Naby, Dr. Abdulmeneam Fawzi, and Dr. Manal Swellem competed with over 60 medical research papers published between 2016 to 2018 from universities all across Egypt.


The research itself provided profound insights into the positive impact data science and artificial intelligence can have on maternal healthcare. "Access to Geneticists and Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors trained in providing differential diagnostics for fetal abnormalities is scarce in many parts of the world", states Dr. Hisham Elgammal. Leveraging tools that can automate and accurately identify fetal abnormalities are increasingly becoming a necessity and the development of these technologies has only just begun.


BioticsAI CMO  Dr. Hisham Elgammal, presenting at the annual OB/GYN Conference at Cairo University

The research provided profound results in comparison to other technologies actively used today. "In 92% of the syndromes provided, SonoCAD was capable of providing the correct diagnosis, while only in 53.3% of the syndromes was capable of providing the correct diagnosis."

According to the study, the aim of the project was "to develop an efficient, user-friendly, time-saving computer software program specified with prenatal diagnosis, based solely on ultrasound findings provided by the sonographer". With Dr. Hisham's groundbreaking research study, the democratization and increased accessibility to prenatal healthcare can be seen as one step closer to fruition.


Dr. Hisham Elgammal (right) accepting the "Best Paper Award" at the 2018 OB/GYN Conference at Cairo University

"Dr. Hisham's research paper, SonoCAD, laid the groundwork for the future of Obstetrics AI research", states BioticsAI CTO Chaskin Saroff. "Here at BioticsAI we've spearheaded that natural next step in Obstetrics AI development by inventing groundbreaking computer vision models that directly identify prenatal ultrasound issues and vulnerabilities. The development of new technologies for Obstetrics care is vital and at BioticsAI we've seen the immense positive impact that it can have".

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